International Tour Procedural Manual – WIP

The School Sport Australia International Program Policy should be read first and this document used as the procedural documentation for International Tours.

School Sport Australia (SSA) expects all to read and use this Manual and follow its prescribed processes

  • National Secretaries to apply for tours
  • Prospective team officials to apply for advertised positions
  • Member bodies to ensure compliance with documentation and endorsement
  • Successful tour officials for necessary documentation and procedural timelines as well as all duty of care responsibilities
  • International Programs Subcommittee (IPS) members for approval considerations


Table of Contents

1        To Apply for an International Tour


2        Team Official Applications

2.1        Applications
2.2        Eligibility
2.3        Appointment Process
2.4        Notification Timeline
2.5        Appeals
2.6        Professional Support

3        Team Selection

3.1        Selection Criteria – WIP
3.2        Selection Process
3.3        Panel of selectors
3.4        Notification
3.5        Student Handbook

4        Communication Strategies

4.1        Pre Tour Communication
4.2        Communication whilst Overseas
4.3        Pre/Post Media – WIP
4.4        Media Protocols – WIP

5        Uniforms

5.1        Uniform Planning – All to be done 2-3 months before the SSA Championship
5.2        Uniform Sizing – During the SSA Championship
5.3        Uniform Ordering – After the SSA Championship

6        Financial Protocols.

6.1        Tour Approval
6.2        Participants Payments
6.3        Disbursements
6.4        Acquittal
6.5        Student Levies

7        Tour Changes

7.1        Cancelled Tour

8        Reporting
9        Team Conduct
10     Risk Management
11     Medical
12     Team Documentation

SSA IPS may endorse overseas tours and/or international tours by overseas teams to play in Australia. Australian teams will be selected following SSA Championships to tour overseas or play in Australia. Final approval will be granted by the NRSSC.

1      To Apply for an International Tour


Approval for International Tours can be considered when an application for “An Intention to Tour” is submitted in writing by the National Secretary of that sport to the IPS at least 12 months prior to the anticipated departure date on the detailed application form provided. Attachment A. The application is also required to include an “International Tour Risk Assessment”. Attachment A1

For “An Intention to Tour” to receive approval to continue the following criteria will apply:

  1. The application must have sufficient detail in all areas required on the application form.
  2. The outcomes both specific and educational must be achievable and measurable.
  3. The requested number of officials must be cognisant of the student/adult ratio as well as the cost of the accompanying adults on the budget.
  4. The request/not request for a medical person/sports trainer appointment must match the need of the tour destination i.e. medical available or not and held qualifications.
  5. The games listed must be against state level or equivalent level of competition.
  6. The length of the tour should manage a balance of games against opposition, ceremonies, some touring and travel to and from the venue. This should not exceed 10 school days.
  7. The proposed tour costs must be achievable for all.
  8. The destination must match the DFAT rating of 1 or 2.
  9. Written confirmation of support of the tour from the NSO.



A detailed Tour Outline must be submitted to the IPS 6 months prior to the anticipated departure for further scrutiny and endorsement. See Attachment B

Following endorsement of the Intention to Tour, a detailed tour outline will be submitted to the NRSSC for approval.

For a tour to receive final approval, the following must apply:

  1. The application must be fully detailed in all areas.
  2. The appointed team officials identified on the application.
  3. The proposed competition details and playing schedule will be detailed.
  4. Proposed accommodation details outlined.
  5. A detailed tour itinerary prepared and confirmed.
  6. A detailed final budget prepared.
  7. The destination must match the DFAT rating of 1 or 2.
  8. A completed Risk Assessment for the tour.



Immediately prior to departure a final detailed International Tour Program Checklist must be submitted to the SSA Executive Officer (EO) for final sign off. See Attachment C

2      Team Official Applications

Where such endorsement is granted, nominations for tour officials must be called for and appointments made prior to the SSA event within 6 months or at least 2 months prior to the SSA event at which the team is to be selected.

All Team Official Applications must be received typed on the official application forms with all required approvals and attachments by the advertised date (3 weeks after ad). See Attachment D

See Attachment E for details of roles and responsibilities for positions.

2.1      Applications

  1. Positions will be advertised within 6 months of the approval of the Intention to Tour or at least 2 months prior to the SSA event where the team is selected.
  2. Advertisements will be sent to all member jurisdictions, applicable NSO, the National Secretary and placed on the SSA website.
  3. If all advertised team officials are not found by the due date, an one week extension will be given to identify suitable applicants to fill the vacancies (the National Secretary will be advised). At the end of the one week’s extension, should there be insufficient suitable applications to fill the advertised positions, the tour will be cancelled.


2.2      Eligibility

For any person to be considered for selection by SSA as a tour official the following criteria will apply:

  1. They must have the endorsement of their state/territory SSA member association.
  2. They must have the endorsement of their state/territory education department.
  3. They must provide proof of current required accreditation.
  4. They must have had significant involvement at both the SSA event and their state/territory events in that sport.
  5. They must provide evidence of current teacher registration.
  6. They must provide evidence of a current working with children clearance.
  7. They must be in a position to negotiate any necessary leave arrangements with their respective employer.
  8. They must be prepared to meet any costs associated with the tour.
  9. They must provide at least 2 referees.
  10. Nominations from non-teachers will only be considered if there are insufficient suitable teacher nominations to fill all advertised positions and if such nomination is endorsed by the respective SSA member body.
  11. Managerial positions will be expected to have served in such a position on a minimum of two occasions for their state teams at SSA Championships, and/or an equivalent age level at National Sporting Organisations
  12. Coaching positions will be expected to hold an appropriate level of coaching accreditation relevant to that sport and have coached a state team of an equivalent age level on a minimum of two occasions at SSA Championships or NSO Championships.
  13. A Medical Official if appointed as a First Aid manager must have a level 2 First Aid certificate and if appointed as a sports Trainer, must have at least a level 2 First Aid certificate will need an SMA accreditation at a minimum Level 1 and preferably Level 2. Preference shall be given to the most suitable applicant who may not necessarily be a registered teacher.


2.3      Appointment Process

The IPS will consider applications that address all criteria along with all accompanying paperwork and apply the following considerations:

  1. Priority will be given to practising teachers registered with the relevant state teacher registration body.
  2. No applicant will be appointed for more than three successive overseas tours and/or home tours unless there are no other suitable applicant/s for the advertised positions.
  3. Qualifications presented will need to be current at the time of the tour.
  4. The National Secretary need NOT ALWAYS accompany the tour.
  5. At least 1 referee will be consulted.
  6. SSA reserves the right to contact other people outside the list of referees provided.
  7. A majority of touring team officials will be teachers.
  8. An appropriate Medical person must be identified in line with the tour destination and its ability to provide an acceptable level of care to cover all duty of care risk management.
  9. Appropriate gender balance.
  10. A merit selection process will be consistent with previously mentioned criteria.
  11. EO will seek comment from National Secretary of sport of recommendation of “team of officials”.


2.4      Notification Timeline

  1. Within 1 week of the IPS meeting, the EO will send a letter advising successful applicants/non-successful applicants.
  2. Copy of list of successful officials will be sent to the National Secretary, Jurisdiction member, NSO, and posted on the SSA website.


2.5      Appeals

  1. Applicants have the right of appeal against a decision of the IPS but only on the grounds that published procedures have not been followed. Any appeal should be directed in writing to the EO, SSA within 7 days of the announcement.
  2. Any appeal will be held by appointed SSA Board Members.


2.6      Professional Support

  1. Tour Leader will hold an Induction teleconference/ meeting with Tour Officials within 4 weeks of appointments being advertised with the EO or a member of the IPS with a set agenda and minutes. See Attachment F
  2. The Tour Leader will use teleconferencing or the like to have team meetings at other times.
  3. A final team meeting will be held with the Tour Leader at least one month prior to departure with a set agenda and minutes.


3      Team Selection

SAA International Tours provide students from all states and territories an opportunity to participate in sporting activities at an elite level representing Australia within the School Sport arena. In order for a student to be named in any SSA team a general selection criterion will apply and be read in conjunction with the sport specific criteria accompanying it.

3.1      Selection Criteria

  1. A generic set of SSA selection criteria will be used Attachment G
  2. A set of sport specific criteria will be identified by the National secretary and written into the sports rules by the Nat Sec. See: Sport Info & Guidelines
  3. This will be advertised on the website and sent to team officials attending that event by the National Secretary.


3.2      Selection Process

  1. All touring teams will be selected from the SSA Championships prior to the tour date.
  2. A team and reserves/shadows (with numbers specified by the sport) will be identified and announced at the Closing presentation of the championship.
  3. All will be presented with a SSA memento as recognition of their selection.
  4. Specific presentations may also be made by sports and their traditions (photos/playing jumper/cap/certificate/etc.).


3.3      Panel of selectors

  1. The selection panel will be chaired by the National Secretary.
  2. The selection panel will be as designated by the sport and identified in the sports rules.
  3. All selection panel members must be advertised to team members and team officials prior to the SSA Championships.


3.4      Notification

  1. A team and reserve/shadow list must be included in the SSA report of the event and put on the website with the results. Link to Results
  2. A team and reserve/shadow list is to be sent to SSA immediately after the SSA Championship with name and email addresses. See Attachment H.


3.5      Student Handbook

  1. Upon selection, all successful team members and reserves/shadows will be given a Student Handbook with all relevant information See Attachment I. All information in the manual that is red needs information from the Tour Leader to enter before distributing the Student Handbook.
  2. Tour officials will also have an electronic copy.
  3. SSA Office will also be emailed a copy.


4      Communication Strategies

Communication is a two-way process and vital for a successful International Tour. There are many stakeholders in this communication process and strategies need to both inform and provide opportunity for feedback and discussion. The brand of SSA is affected by the way you communicate on its behalf. All successful and enjoyable tours manage to build a strong sense of trust and security through the sharing / communication of all essential information between all parties. This is between team officials, team members, parents and the community at large. To that end there are some guidelines to follow to maximise this opportunity to build strong relationships within the system and the tour you are managing.

4.1      Pre Tour Communication

  1. Tour Leader, in consultation with National Secretary will set up the team method of communication and advise all team members, parents and the SSA office.
  2. Strategies must be mindful of privacy restrictions and child welfare sensitivities.
  3. Frequency of regular contact should be identified and advised to all.
  4. Type of content will be determined by the team officials and the needs of the sport and the team itself.


4.2      Communication whilst Overseas

  1. Communication both within the country you are visiting as well as contact with home needs to be thoroughly investigated in advance of the trip. There are many limitations that could cause difficulty if not checked prior to travel.
  2. It is recommended that officials investigate access to an International Sim card or international provider plan for mobile usage when travelling and pass this recommendation on to team members. The type may be dictated by the country/countries to which you are touring.


4.3      Pre/Post Media  – WIP

4.4      Media Protocols  – WIP

5      Uniforms

SSA has worked with Struddys and National Secretaries providing a team touring and playing uniform for all International Tours. All team members, students and team officials will wear the endorsed SSA uniforms.

The official SSA team uniform is a set design which comprises a compulsory and an optional component. The set uniform comprises a touring (walk out) set and a playing strip. Link to Struddys Uniform Catalogue

Uniforms are ordered and paid for online. All uniform components are also available on line for supporters to purchase.

The following explains the planning and ordering process for SSA International Tour uniforms. The process involves the SSA Office, Tour Leader, Tour Participants and SSA Supplier Struddys.

5.1      Uniform Planning – All to be done 2-3 months before the SSA Championship

  1. Tour Leader is to review and choose any optional uniform items they want to use for the tour and notify the SSA Office. The SSA Office will then notify Struddys which items are being used so they can update website for ordering.
  2. SSA Office to provide the Struddys tour code to the Tour Leader to add to the Student Touring Manual.
  3. Tour Leader to choose a fortnight date period for the ordering of uniforms and notify the SSA Office. The date is also to be added to the Student Touring Manual.


5.2      Uniform Sizing – During the SSA Championship

  1. Struddys will be in attendance at the SSA Championships with samples of the Touring and Playing uniforms in all sizes available for the All Australian Team to try. All participants will be provided with a catalogue to note down their sizes.
  2. Struddys will be required to speak for a couple of minutes to the chosen participants explaining the process for the day.


5.3      Uniform Ordering – After the SSA Championship

  1. The Tour Leader is to send a copy of the names of all of the tour participants’ and officials to the SSA office.
  2. Tour Leader to notify parents when the website site is open for ordering uniforms.


6      Financial Protocols

6.1      Tour Approval

When an International tour is approved by SSA, it shall be the responsibility of the National Secretary and/or Tour Leader (in consultation with the SSA EO) to make all the team financial arrangements for the tour, i.e., flights, accommodation and etc.

All income and expenditure items for the International Tour must be recorded and acquitted at the end of the International Tour.

6.2      Participants Payments

  1. SSA Office will raise and send invoices to all participants of an International Tour.
  2. The IPS will notify SSA once the current international tour budget is approved and ensure the SSA office has a copy.
  3. The SSA Office and the Tour Leader are to set a payment schedule for participants and the schedule is to be outlined on the first invoice sent to participants.
  4. Once the International Team has been chosen the Tour Leader is to provide a list of all participants with email address and contact phone numbers.
  5. SSA office is responsible for ensuring that payments are made on time by participants to the SSA office and to notify the Tour Leader of any late payments from participants.
  6. Final payment of invoices is due 3 weeks before the tour departure date.


6.3      Disbursements

  1. SSA Office is responsible for the payment of all tour expenses for the International Tour before departure.
  2. The Tour Leader will organize a Travel Card for use whilst on tour and SSA will deposit money onto the Tour Leaders Travel Card 2 weeks before the tour departure date.
  3. The Tour Leader is responsible for payment of expenses whilst on the International Tour.
  4. During the International Tour, the Tour Leader will purchase all items to meet the needs of the participants. Receipts must be kept for all purchases with a written description for each purchase.


6.4      Acquittal

  1. Within one month of the conclusion of the tour, the Tour Leader shall provide to SSA an acquittal of expenditure whilst on tour and any surplus will be returned to SSA. See Attachment L
  2. At the conclusion of the tour SSA office will provide a final financial report to the Tour Leader and Financial Subcommittee.
  3. If the Tour is in deficit all believes the tour may go into deficit before the tour, then the Tour Leader is to contact the SSA EO with an explanation as to why the tour is in deficit. SSA will reimburse the Tour Leader for any out of pocket expenses once approved by SSA EO and the IPS.
  4. The SSA EO may reject some or all of the expenditure if it deems that the expenditure was not appropriate or not related to the tour expenditure.


6.5      Student Levies

  1. For any international tour, participants at the SSA event from which the team is selected shall be levied $11 (GST Inclusive) per person to assist in covering the cost of the tour officials. This levy must be included in the event budget and collected by the host state.
  2. Selected team members may also be levied an additional amount sufficient to cover up to 50% of the tour officials’ levies.


7      Tour Changes

Should there be any reason to vary any part of the approved tour details, the EO must be advised immediately. The EO will assess the required/requested changes and make a determination.

  1. To approve minor changes and advise the IPS.
  2. To refer changes that has greater ramifications on the approved tour to the IPS for consideration and determination.
  3. Even greater changes may require further investigation and this should be conducted by the EO in conjunction with the IPS.
  4. Should the changes required make the approved tour inconsistent with the original aims and be deemed unsafe and questionable, the IPS and the EO will cancel the tour.


7.1      Cancelled Tour

In the case of the tour being cancelled, the following will apply to the current tour and its team members

  1. The EO will immediately confirm the cancellation of the tour with all team officials (by teleconference) carefully outlining the reasons and the procedures to follow.
  2. The EO will write to the parents and students advising them of the decision and all the ramifications.
  3. Tour Leader/National Secretary will advise the host countries/places of the cancellation.
  4. Tour Leader/National Secretary will cancel all bookings and collate refunds/payments due.
  5. The SSA office will calculate the payments still due, check insurance payouts etc. and action refunds as soon as practicable.
  6. The EO will advise the NRSSC.


8      Reporting

Reporting on the Tour is the Tour Leaders responsibility – you don’t have to do it all but you do need to ensure it is done.

This is a wonderful tool to showcase your team, your sport, your SSA and your great planning. Take every opportunity to celebrate the successes, the experiences and the memories you will all cherish!

We have identified many opportunities and forums to do this so please read on and let us celebrate with you! – WIP

  1. During the tour the Tour Leader is required to send regular game reports to the jurisdictions, IPS and SSA office re team progress and status of tour.
  2. Prior to departure the Tour Leader will provide an opportunity for a team debrief to share thoughts and experience of the tour.
  3. On return each National Secretary and/Tour Leader will be invited to address the IPS and give a verbal report either in person or by teleconference.
  4. The Tour Leader will complete a short questionnaire on the SSA International Tours procedures and processes and the facilities and suppliers used during the tour and return to SSA and IPS. See Attachment M
  5. All tour participant and parents will be invited to complete a short questionnaire on pre, during and post tour experience.
  6. At the conclusion of the tour, the Tour Leader will collate a written report with set guidelines and criteria and send to the SSA office. See Attachment N
  7. The Tour report will be edited of personal information and placed on the SSA website.


9      Team Conduct

All team members have a joint responsibility and an invested one to work together on the Codes of Conduct to plan a safe, secure, inclusive and fun filled tour. Codes are in place and specifics within these codes will need to be amplified by all team officials to all team members what they might look like, sound like and feel like in a particular cultural/geographical/climatic/religious environment. These understandings will be enhanced through team discussions on goals, values and expectations for the tour.

Once an understanding is established then there is a process and ramifications spelt out for any misdemeanors or serious breaches/violations of the code. Student Behaviour Team Management Procedures.

SSA has a Code of Conduct Policy that is to be adhered to during the International Tour. Code of Conduct.

10   Risk Management

SSA is committed to the safety and well-being of all children and young people who participate in our programs. We support the rights of the child and will act at all times to ensure that a child-safe environment is maintained.

We acknowledge the valuable contribution made by our staff and volunteers and we encourage their active participation in providing a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all participants.

  1. Risk Assessment format
  2. Risk Assessment Checklist
  3. New Inclusive Heading (sun safety, hydration etc.)
  4. Personal security
  5. Critical Incidents
  6. Drugs
  7. Accident Report Form
  8. Insurance
  9. PPP


11   Medical

Our Duty of Care requires us to ensure all medical needs are covered for both the student team members and the team officials travelling with them.

Each touring team must appoint a Medical officer to travel with the team. Depending on the level of medical care provided in the country to which the tour is travelling, a First Aid Manager with Level 2 First Aid certificate or a Sports Trainer with Level 2 first aid and a minimum Level 1 SMA accreditation will be appointed. A Risk Assessment prior to the Tour will gauge the level of medical support required.

All students will be required to complete and return a Student Medical History and Authorisation Form sent in the Student package to all successful touring team members upon selection. Team Managers will collate information to share with other team officials.

Team officials will also be required to complete a Team Official Medical History and Authorization Form and return to SSA and share with all other touring team officials.

Specific policies from SSA that pertain to Medical/health issues are also included and should be read by officials and distributed to students

The following is the link to SSA Policies on the following:

  1. Student Medical History and Authorisation Form- Link
  2. Team official Medical History and Authorization Form- Link
  3. Hot Weather
  4. Infectious Diseases
  5. Injuries
  6. Concussion


12   Team Documentation

It is the responsibility of the Tour Leader to ensure that all Tour Officials and students return all School Sport Australia forms correctly filled in. All documentation are to be collated ensuring at all-time their confidentiality.

The students forms are located in the Student Handbook and are as follows:

  1. Student personal details
  2. Student Medical History
  3. Principal Approval
  4. Parent/Guardian consent
  5. Independent student consent

The following is the links to the forms Tour Officials are required to fill in:

  1. Overseas tour team sheet
  2. International document checking sheet
  3. Emergency student Contact sheet
  4. Team Official emergency contact sheet
  5. Schools emergency contact sheet
  6. Media Release