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The 2017 12 Years and Under Boys and Girls and 17 Years and Under Girls SSA Softball Championships will be held in Adelaide, South Australia between 3 – 9 December as part of the Pacific School Games. For more information on the Softball Championships visit


Age Dispensation: Please refer to the age dispensation map for the current age dispensation provisions in the SSA 12 Years and Under and 17 Years and Under Softball Championships.

Rules: To view the 12 Years and Under SSA Softball National Championships rules, click here.

Rules: To view the 17 Years and Under SSA Softball National Championships rules, click here.

Policy: To view the School Sport Australia General Policies and Guidelines, please click here.



Contact: For all Softball Championships enquiries, please contact the School Sport Australia Softball National Secretary Merril Lloyd:

Phone: 07 4969 2222