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The 2017 12 Years and Under Boys and Girls and 15 Years and Under Boys and Girls SSA Touch Football Championships will be held in Adelaide, South Australia between 3 – 9 December as part of the Pacific School Games. For more information on the Touch Football Championships visit

2017 15 Years and Under All Australian Teams (Selected at the Pacific School Games)

Age dispensation: Please refer to the age dispensation map for the current age dispensation provisions in the SSA 12 Years and Under Touch Football Championships. There is no age dispensation provided in SSA 15 Years and Under Touch Football Championships.

Rules: To view the Combined SSA Touch Football Championships rules, click here.

Policy: To view the School Sport Australia General Policies and Guidelines, please click here.


School Sport Australia Touch History

Contact: For all Touch Football Championships enquiries, please contact the School Sport Australia Touch Football National Secretary Keith Graham:

Phone: 07 3340 8333